Sittwe-Mrauk Oo 4 Days 5 Nights Trip

Extension trip 5 Days 4 Nights,

Explore the former royal capitals of Rakhine Kingdoms and Chin Tribe Village
(Yangon - Sittwe - Mrauk U - Sittwe - Yangon)

Tour Code: GMT EX YSMrauk-U 4/5-2

Day 01 :: Yangon - Sittwe ::  -/L/D
Air Mandalay 6T 607 ETD 11:45 ETA 13:40

sittwe-05In the morning transfer from your hotel to the airport for domestic flight to Sittwe, the provincial capital and main port in Rakhine state. Upon arrival in Sittwe, transfer to the jetty and embark on a local chartered simple boat (lunch onboard will be arranged). The upstream boat trip will take about 7-8 hours to Mrauk-U, the ancient Fortress City (72 km). Observe the daily life along the Kaladan River, passing villages, temples and pagodas at the river side. Upon arrival in Mrauk-U, transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Hotel in Mrauk U.

*The Plain of Sittwe, formed by the deltas of Mayu, Kaladan and Lemo rivers, is fertile and the major rice producing area in Rakhine State.

Day 02 :: Mrauk U :: B/L/D

mrauku-06Today's sightseeing includes a visit to the local market and the most famous ancient monuments in Mrauk U. Visit SHITE THAUNG TEMPLE, the most spectacular massive temple built under King Min Bin. Shite Thaung, nicely located at the west-side of Pokhaung Hill, is famous for more than 80.000 Buddhist images and relics. Further you will visit ANDAW THEIN, noted for its stone carvings and floral ornaments; visit also nearby RATANBON PAGODA. HTUKKAM THEIN TEMPLE is another important highlight in Mrauk U. After climbing up 18 steps of the stone stairs you will reach the levelled hill with the Temple, study various costumes and ornaments from the middle period of Mrauk U dynasty. Explore the beautiful southern part of Mrauk-U with ANUMA LAKE and nearby MRADAUNG FORTRESS, followed by the most important fortress LAYTHADAUNG. Enjoy sun-set from Shwedaung Pagoda. Overnight at Hotel in Mrauk U.

*Mrauk-U periods: earlier period (1430-1513), middle period (1531-1638), late period (1638-1785)

Day 03 :: Mrauk U - Vesali - Dhanyawaddy :: B/L/D

mrauku-07After breakfast at the hotel, drive by jeep to the old city VESALI (9 km), also known as Wethali. Visit the GREAT IMAGE OF VESALI and the buddhist synod hill. Drive up north another 26 km to DHANYAWADDY and visit the famous MAHAMUNI SHRINE, which was the original place of the Mahamuni Image until King Bodaw Phaya brought it to Amarapura in 1785. Return back to Mrauk-U.

In the afternoon visit the PALACE SITE, the museum and the WHITE ELEPHANT MOUND. Overnight at Hotel in Mrauk U.

*** "The Golden Palace: The inner enclosure of the palace had all important structures. From here all the 48 Kings of Mrauk U Dynasty reigned with pomp and grandeur, making the country as prosperous as any other city of that era. …. The Golden Palace had roofs of five graduated series supported on tall, straight and giant pillars, gilded with gold on a coat of vermilion. The roof was plated with gilding sheets of copper that would reflect the crimson rays of the sun in the early morning, transforming the palace into a fairytale Palace of the Arabian Night awash in gold….."
copy from "The Golden Mrauk-U, an ancient capital of Rakhine" by U Shwe Zan, second edition 1997, page 127

Day 04 :: Mrauk U - Tattooed Chin Tribe Village :: B/L/D

mrauku-08Today's excursions include a visit to Sin Oh village by jeep. Afterwards continue by boat to the remote village of the famous Lay Too Chin Tribe. Old women decorated their entire face with tattoos, as this custom is fading out, it's one of the last chances to see these beautiful tattooed ladies around Mrauk U area. Maybe in 20 Years only photos and stories can be shown about the "tattooed faces of Chin Tribe people"! Return back to Mrauk-U late afternoon. Overnight at Hotel in Mrauk-U.


Day 05: Mrauk U-Sittwe - Yangon :: B/L/-
Air Mandalay 6T 608 via SNW ETD 14:00 ETA 15:55

mrauku-09Very early morning about 4:30 a.m., transfer to the jetty for your trip downstream the Kaladan River. Enjoy the sun-rise onboard. After arrival in Sittwe, transfer to the airport for domestic flight to Yangon. Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel in Yangon.


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Rakhine capitals of former kingdoms:

Dhanyawaddy: 1st City: founded by Marayu, an Indian price in 3325 BC
2nd City: founded in 1483 BC
3rd City: rebuilt in 554 BC under King Canda Thuriya (Suriya)
The Dhanyawaddy dynasty lasted up to 327 AD!
Vesali: local dynasties ruled over Vasali up to 3325 BC
Taing Candra established the second city of Vesali in 327 AD and lasted up to 794 AD
Sambawak: founded in 794 AD, ended in 818AD
Lemro Dynasty: Pyinsa City (818 - 1103), Parein City (1103 - 1160), Nareinsara Taungoo (1160 - 1250) and Laungret (1250 - 1430)
Mrauk-U: 1430 - 1785 Mrauk-U dynasty
1785 - 1827 ruled under Konbaung dynasty
Sittwe: Rakhine, formerly known as Arakan, was annexed by the British during the first Anglo-Myanmar war. In 1827 the British constructed a new city called Akyab (now known as Sittwe) and they shifted their head-quarter from Mrauk U to this new city.

Dates are not very sure, different sources name different dates!

Please note that the itinerary is subject to changes depending flights schedule.

Important note: It is not recommended to travel to this region during
the monsoon season (May -September) as heavy floods are common!!!

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