Balloon over Bagan

Enjoy a Ballon ride over Bagan for sunrise before breakfast!

Start the day with a surprise! Discover the ancient monuments from above! A very special bird view of Bagan’s heritage! Surely this is a very exiting experience, visitors will never forget! The flight takes approx. 45 minutes!


NEW Published prise is 285.     - US$ per person
NEW Standby rate: 260. - US$ per person

Our special offer for advance bookings:

Valid 01.10.2007-31.03.2008
Price per person!

1-4 pax 245.- US$ 181.- EURO
5-12 pax 235.- US$ 173.- EURO
Above 12 pax 225.- US$ 166.- EURO

bagan-01Balloon over Bagan operates a maximum of 3 balloons; total capacity is 32 passengers per flight during the month of November – March and 20 passengers per flight during the month of October. Between April and September no operation!!!

“Imagine floating over thousand year old pagodas and the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River, as the sun will rise slowly! The balloon is guided by gentle winds, allowing passengers a serene and peaceful bird’s eye view of ancient temples drifting by.”


Requested flight date:  
Number of passengers:  
Once the flight is confirmed we need to submit your details:
Passenger’s Name:  
Passport Number:  
Weight in kg or pounds  
per passenger!  



  1. Passengers or their accompanying guide must register at our sales desk at the Bagan Hotel upon arrival in Bagan.
  2. Receipt of payment vouchers / flight tickets must be produced at launch site.
  3. No refunds will be given for failure to arrive for a pre-arranged flight.
  4. Any known medical condition which may affect your ability to fly or assist the crew must be disclosed to Balloons over Bagan at the time of booking and to the pilot on the day of the flight, i.e. epilepsy, recent surgery etc. Some conditions may preclude you from eligibility to fly. Pregnant women will not be permitted to fly. Balloons over Bagan will not accept liability for illness or injury due to any undisclosed condition or failure to comply with any reasonable instruction given by the pilot or crew or company representative.
  5. The pilot in command is legally obliged to consider the safety of his passengers at all times and may refuse to carry passengers for whatever reason if it is considered their carriage may endanger the flight, other passengers or themselves. Balloons over Bagan reserve the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger.
  6. The passenger must carefully listen to the security briefing (see below) given by the pilot before the launch of the balloon and indicate in case he / she doesn’t understand the security briefing.
  7. The pilot of the day has absolute authority and all passengers and crew must comply with his instructions. The pilot’s decision on all matters is final.
  8. Balloons over Bagan expects passengers to assist the pilot and crew in any situation that is deemed reasonable, during pre- and post-flight activities.
  9. Balloons over Bagan reserves the right to cancel or delay flights, change rendezvous and launch sites, at short notice, to achieve a safe and successful flight. Balloons over Bagan will not accept liability for any consequential loss or inconvenience.
  10. Balloons over Bagan carries third party and passenger liability of US$ 3,000,000 for each balloon.
  11. Balloons over Bagan accepts no liability for claims arising as a result of an act or default of any other passenger or bystander.
  12. Balloons over Bagan accepts no liability for loss or damage to persons or property other than that which results from negligence on its own part.
  13. Balloons over Bagan does not accept liability for loss or damage to personal effects.
  14. Flights cancelled by Balloons over Bagan for safety reasons or as a result of unfavourable weather or operational difficulties will be refunded in full.
  15. Balloons over Bagan reserves the right to alter, revise or review any terms, conditions or rates, at its discretion.
  16. Balloons over Bagan will not fly children under the age of 8 years. A child under the age of 16 years will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult, and the child is over 4’6” tall (or 137 cm).


Security briefing (as given by the pilot before take-off)

  • Do not touch any coloured ropes or the fuel hoses or any of the burner controls
  • During inflation, do not move between the trucks and the balloon.
  • On the command ‘Landing Positions’;
  • Face backwards to the direction of travel.
  • Hold onto the rope handles
  • Bend your knees (like skiing), but do not sit on the floor
  • Lean back against the basket padding
  • Stay in this position until told to come back up.
  • Before the landing, stow all cameras/videos/binoculars etc. DO NOT HANG ANYTHING AROUND YOUR NECK.
  • After the landing, stay in the basket. Do not get out, until the pilot has told you it is safe to do so!

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