Kerstin’s favourite books about Myanmar

gmt-bookGuide Books, Novels, Facts and Photo Editions!

1.) Lonely Planet, Myanmar

Oct 2005, 9th Edition, ISBN 1-74059-695-1
Lonely Planet Publications Pty Ltd

“The most popular Guide Book about Myanmar!”

2.) Myanmar (Birma), Stefan Loose, Travel Handbücher

2. Auflage, 2006, ISBN 3-7701-6147-5
DuMont Reiseverlag, Ostfildern

Zur Zeit der beste deutsch-sprachige Reiseführer (lt. Kerstin)!

3.) Colourful Burma, A Collection of stories and sketches

Khin Myo Chit, enlarged edition, 1978, sorry, there is no ISBN Number!
Nilar Publications, Yangon
You might be lucky to find the book in one of Yangon’s bookshops!

Easy to read! About Myanmar Festivals, Life and Customs, Burmese Cuisine, Fruits and Vegetables, Language and Customs, Buddhist way of life, Bagan, Performing Arts, Short Stories, Life in war-time Burma and about the writer!
Khin Myo Chit was a famous Myanmar writer

Many Thanks to U Myo Lwin, who borrowed this book to me!

4.) History of Burma, Sir Arthur P. Phayre

originally published in London in 1883, reprinted 1998
Bibliotheca Orientals, Orchid Press, Thailand, ISBN 974-8299-00-7
From the earliest time to the end of the first war with British India!

For those readers who are interested in Myanmar History.

5.) Maybe some journalists should read this book before they start writing about something, they don’t understand!!!

MYANMAR, State, Society and Ethnicity

Edited by N. Ganesan and Kyaw Yin Hlaing, 2007
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI)
First published in Singapore in 2007 by ISEAS Publishing!
ISBN: 978-981-230-434-6 (hard cover)
ISBN: 978-981-230-433-9 (soft cover)
ISBN: 978-981-230-722-4 (PDF)
For those readers who are deeply interested in Myanmar’s History, Politics and “how the various ethnic groups are trying to cope with decades of conflict and reconstruct their communities”! All Contributors are well known Myanmar Experts!

Kerstin’s favourite Article in this publication:

“Reality Check on the Sanctions Policy against Myanmar, by Khin Zaw Win”

6.) The Glass Palace, a novel by Amitav Gosh

2002 Random House Trade Paperback Edition, ISBN 0-375-75877-1

A beautiful novel about Burma during the British Invasion of 1885!

7.) PAGAN, Art and Architecture of old Burma, by Paul Strachan

2nd UK Edition, First published in Scottland in 1989 by Kiscadale and in N. America in 1990 by the University of Hawaii Press as “Imperial Pagan”, ISBN 0-1870838-85-8

A beautiful book about Bagan’s ancient temples and pagodas! A must for all Pagoda-Lovers!

8.) BURMA, Encountering the Land of the Buddhas, by Ellis Everarda

1994 Paul Strachan – Kiscadale publications Ltd, ISBN 0-1870838-71-8
114 pages with 112 colour illustrations
“This handsome book makes a sumptuous souvenir of a visit to this rapidly opening country. For those with memories of a timeless Burma it can offer a moving momento, Ellis Everarda”

9.) BURMAH, a Photographic Journey 1855-1925, by Noel F. Singer

1993 Paul Strachan – Kiscadale Ltd, ISBN 1-870838-26-2
“Burmah is not just a stunning historic record of an exotic land but a revealing guide to the complicated nature of Burmese society at this time.”

10.) En Orient, photographies de Jean-Marc Payot

2002 Editions Olizane, Genève, ISBN 2-88086-308-2
«… Ce livre est une anthologie. Pour ce voyage en Orient, j’ai choisi une cinquantaine de photographies que j’aime et six d’écrivains voyageurs qui vous feront, je l’espère, aussi à l’Orient. Jean-Marc Payot »

A beautiful book with black-and-white-photos from India, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, China and Myanmar!
A special Thanks to Mr Payot for sending me his attractive publication!

11.) Faszination Myanmar (Burma), Reisen im Land der Pagoden von Klaus R. Schröder

Auflage 2002, Reise KNOW-HOW Verlag, Hohenthann, ISBN 3-889662-184-X, oder per e-mail bestellen bei This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dieses Buch gibt einen kurzen Überblick über das Leben in Myanmar und beschreibt ausführlich 2 außergewöhnliche Reisen, die der Autor „im Land der Pagoden“ unternommen hatte. Nebenbei unterstützt man mit dem Kauf dieses Buches burmesische Waisenkinder.

12.) Feuerstein's Drittes, Reisen nach Thailand, Birma, New York und ins Eismeer

von Herbert Feuerstein
2005, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, München, ISBN 3-453-40150-6

Ich habe selten so viel gelacht, wie bei diesen Reise-Beschreibungen! Sehr empfehlenswert!!! Allerdings fällt das Kapitel über Myanmar sehr kurz aus. Vielen Dank an Anke Rosa ( ), die mir das Buch geschenkt hatte.

13.) Pilgerreise in Myanmar von Ma Thanegi

Übersetzt aus dem Englischen von Diethelm Hofstra, original: „The Native Tourist“
2002, Horlemann Verlag, Bad Honnef, ISBN 3-89502-146-6

Ma Thanegi ist eine bekannte burmesische Schriftstellerin. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Yangon.
In diesem Buch beschreibt Ma Thanegi ihre eigenen Erfahrungen während einer Pilger-Tour durch Myanmar.

14.) BURMA SURGEON RETURNS, Gordon S. Seagrave

1st edition, Copyright, 1946 by W.W. Norton & Co., Inc, New York
Dedicated to the men and woman of the Seagrave Hospital Unit 1942-1946
A very interesting book especially for those who are interested in burmese World War II history.

15.) INSIGHT GUIDES, Burma Myanmar

2003, Apa Publications Gmbh & Co Verlag Co., Singapore, ISBN 981-4120-46-4,
Dedicated to the men and woman of the Seagrave Hospital Unit 1942-1946
A very colourful Guidebook with beautiful photos and many good tips!

16.) Polyglott APA Guide

2003, Langenscheidt KG, Berlin und Muenchen, ISBN 3-8268-1917-9,
Die deutsche Version von APA Guide! Tolle Fotos und viele Informationen, allerdings zur Reiseplanung eher weniger geeignet.

17.) MYANMAR, facts and figures 2002

2002, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar
A good source for statistics and several informations from the Government of Myanmar.


the epic story of the China-Burma-India Theater in World War II
by Donovan Webster
1st edition, 2003, Donovan Webster,
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, New York, ISBN 0-374-11740-3,

Another interesting book especially for those who are interested in burmese World War II history.


my life as a Shan princess by Inge Sargent
Southeast Asian edition published in 1994, 1996, 1198 by Silkworm Books
ISBN 974-7100-61-4
Inge Sargent, an Austrian lady, was married to the last Prince of Hsipaw. She lived for almost 12 years in the Shan States as the Princess (Mahadevi) of Hsipaw! A very interesting life story!

20.) THE WHITE UMBRELLA by Patricia W. Elliott

Dedicated to the memory of Sao Hearn Hkam and Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe
Published by Friends Books 2006 ISBN 974-93747-8-9

Another interesting life story of Sao Hearn Hkam, a Shan princess from Hsenwi to the Prince Shwe Thaike of Yawnghwe (nowadays called Nyaung Shwe).

21.) THE PIANO TUNER by Daniel Mason

Published in Great Britain 2002 by Picador,,
ISBN-13: 978-0-330-49269-0 ISBN-10: 0-330-49269-1
A beautiful novel about a Piano Tuner in Burma during the British days. 
“ Engrossing. . . the reader falls under the spell that the author is weaving, surrendering to the story’s exotic magic” The Times


Original in English “Saving Fish From Drowning” by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York
Copyright der deutschen Erstveröffentlichung, Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, München
Printed in Germany 2006, Buchnr.: 084563,,,

Ein toller 539 Seiten Roman, den man nicht mehr aus der Hand legen kann. Unbedingt lesen!
Ich bedanke mich sehr bei Anette Dörr, die mir das Buch im Sommer 2007 geschenkt hatte!

23.) The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) published several very interesting books about Myanmar.

“ISEAS Publishing, an established academic press, has almost published 2000 books and journals. It is the largest scholary publisher of Research about Southeast Asia from within the region. ISEAS Publishing works with many other academic and trade publishers and distributors to disseminate important research and analyses from and about Southeast Asia to the rest of the world.”

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
30 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
Singapore 119614

24.) Nat-Pwe, Burma's Supernatural Sub-Culture, The Thirty-Seven-Nats

Published and designed in 1992 by Paul Strachan - Kisdale Ltd, ISBN 1 870838 11 4

It's a lovely edition about the Myanmar Nats.... Nat lovers should buy and read this book!