GMT and their activities in the Delta


Sonny and his friends established Myanmar Egress in 2006. Myanmar Egress is a Non-Partisan, Non-Governmental Organization that is involved in training and capacity building activities in Yangon. We provide civic education and skills training to both the public and private sectors and draw on the support of professional volunteers for our activities. We also draw on funding from external agencies to help defray the cost of our activities especially the civic education.

Myanmar Egress is currently involved in disaster relief operations in severely damaged 4 townships (Laputta, Bogale, Pyapon, Dedaye) in the Delta region. Currently we are working in 112 villages but most activities are arranged in Pyapon township. In so doing, Myanmar Egress has collaborated with some business companies that were granted permission by the authorities to undertake the rescue and relief work in several storm-hit areas in the delta. Myanmar Egress is engaging in all these disaster relief activities under the name of NARGIS ACTION GROUP MYANMAR .

Some 100 of our trainees have availed themselves for such work with some training from Eco-Dev and Action Aid. We would like to extend our operations to more extended population as much as we can. We are one of the few locally based organizations involved in such operations. At present, we are involved in the delivery of food, drinking water, medicines and shelter materials. Besides, we are concurrently extending our efforts to rebuild the primary health care services and schools in these areas. We would like to extend the work to cover cleaning and the erection of temporary shelters as well.

Since Nargis Action Group is involved in the Aid Relief in the Delta region, also Kerstin Jung from Gracious Myanmar Travel is almost full time for this organisation. But don’t worry, we still take care of your bookings. But some Hotels closed or still have no telephone access, so for certain inquiries we may need more time then usual.

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