Geeting from MGT

Gracious Myanmar Travel Ltd. was already founded in 1993!!!
Gracious Myanmar Travel Ltd. was one of the
first private owned Travel Agencies in Myanmar!

Even today GMT is still welcoming old friends and new! I thank you all for letting me continue to
lead you through this golden land.
Many of you already know me very well -

  • as GMT's slightly balding Managing Director,
  • as proud father of my two daughters Khin Sabae and Yolanda Thein
    and my son Felix Thein Zaw Jung,
  • as Myanmar's most famous Mercedes Car Importer,
  • as the smiling behind-the-scenes tour expert and tour guidance councilor,
    operations manager, and as GMT's Mr. Fix-it.

They simply call me Uncle Sonny!

  Sonny Nyunt Thein &
Kerstin Jung



I am using our website to introduce our new destinations and travel programs to newcomers and frequent visitors to Myanmar. Here's a recent photo of myself for those of you who haven't seen me for a few years - the hair is almost gone! But I haven't lost my sense of humor and my love of Burma!

Many of you don't know this but I was actually born inside the Mandalay Palace (though not as a prince!) and it wasn't until I was 5 years old that my family moved to Yangon. Throughout my teen years and through university I began to travel abroad during my school holidays - just a knapsack and sneakers in those days!

So in 1988 it wasn't such a surprise when I told family and friends that I was moving to Germany to seek my fortune in life! In Hamburg I joined in partnership to form "Sunshine Eurasia" exporting the Mercedes Benz cars to Myanmar. Through my fortunate business contacts back home I was quite successful.

During the early 90's I continued to travel frequently always meeting "travel professionals" keenly interested in the exotic land called of BURMA! Many of you are still my clients and long time friends today and you'll remember how GMT was born out of my love for my lovely homeland. It was really an enjoyable excuse to welcome you all to my country after sharing your kind hospitality with me in far away places.

Why should you book through GMT???
  • Gracious Myanmar Travel is specialized in customized tours! Just let us know where you would like to go and what you would like to experience and we will create a suitable itinerary according to your wishes and/or your budget!
  • You do not like to travel in big groups? You want to see more than just temples and pagodas? You want to experience the Myanmar way of living? Or you want to visit some remote areas beside the main destinations? Or you love adventure holidays? Or you want to relax at unspoiled beaches? Or you just want to get treated as a VIP?
  • >>>Then you must contact us!
  • Personal Care is our success!
  • Gracious Myanmar Travel also can arrange special permits for restricted areas!
  • If there is no Myanmar Embassy in your country we would arrange your onarrival-Visa.
  • Gracious Myanmar Travel is a registered Tour Company! License No.: Kha 0174
  • Gracious Myanmar Travel is a Member of UMTA (Union of Myanmar Travel Assosiation)

Last but not least, I also want to say thank you to my beloved german spouse Kerstin Jung! She is our General Manager and always organizing special journeys through our gracious country. What would I do without her?! So, our company also is able to communicate in German!

Sonny Nyunt Thein
Managing Director

Special Thanks

  • To the tour operators and business partner worldwide for cooperating with us, thus giving us support in promoting this wonderful country.
  • To all our suppliers (from Hotels, Airlines, transportation services, Restaurants and our all excellent guides) who were providing excellent services upon our / your valued travellers around the world.
  • To my office staff - without their support GMT would not be what it is present, their specialist skill and willingness to learn a field of tour business which will always be in my mind.
  • Ganz herzlichen Dank an unsere Schweizer Freunde Maya & Rolf Heizmann, die während ihrer aussergewoehnlichen GMT-Abenteuer-Reisen durch unser schönes Land, zahlreiche fantastische Fotos gemacht haben und uns einen Teil ihrer Aufnahmen zur Verfügung stellten!

Thanks to you all.