Kachin State


“Kachin State lies in the northern part of Myanmar. It shares borders with China in the north and east, Shan State and Sagaing Division in the east and Sagaing Division and India in the west. North Latitude 23° 27’ and 28° 25’ Longitude 96° 0’ and 98° 44’….

…. Climate: Kachin State lies in on the north of the line of Topic of Cancer. Hence, the climate of southern par is warm-temperate and weet whereas the northern part has cold-temperate and wet climate. Highest mountains in the north are always covered with snow. In lowland areas, the average temperature in summer being 26,6°C and in winter the temperature is a little more.

The rainfall in Bhamo is 60 inches, in Myitkyina 80 inches and over 160 inches in Putao, in the northernmost part... Myanmar hightest snow-capped mountain Khakabo Razi (5881 m) lies in Putao district, half an hour flight from Myitkyina in the far north of the country….. 

The State is also home of the best jade mines in the world coveted mostly by Chinese as the believe jade brings peace and good Fortune.”

Source: Myanmar facts and figures

Kachin State is renowned for its scenic natural beauty, with pristine jungle areas and in the north the highest mountain area in the far north is literally yet intact by tourism but represents a strong potential for eco-tourism in the future. At present, an important part of this region has become a national park as some wild life species have been discovered there which were declared extinct elsewhere in the world. Myanmar government established certain Wildlife National Parks and Sanctuaries in Kachin State (Kakaborazi National Park, Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary and the largest tiger reserve in the world in Hukawng Valley)

Kachin State is devided in 3 disctricts: Myikyina, Bhamo and Putao.

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Best time to visit Kachin State is during the dry season, as many roads are very muddy or even not passable during rainy season.

Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State. Several Guesthouses and standard hotels are available in Myitkyina. Myitkyina is a busy trading town, nicely located at the Ayeyarwaddy River and surrounded by mountains. You can reach Myitkyina by plane, train and car. Visits to surrounded villages can be arranged.

Festival: Manao (Manaw) / Kachin State Day

Traditional Kachin Manao Festival to celebrate the New Year which is a day ahead of Kachin State Day, 10th Jan. It is a one day event where all the Kachin tribes dressed in unique traditional costumes, gather in Myitkyina to participate this elaborate celebration of victory or achievement and showing gratitude to ancestral spirits to pray for the brighter future. The main feature is tribal dances around the erected Manao poles complete with ceremonial regalia, swords, etc which is quite similar to North American Indians.

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Myitkyina was the major supply centre of the Japanese Army during WW II in northern Burma. The Japanese had already cut off all land access to China; the HUMP route was the only way to get supplies into China…. By capturing Myitkyina, the Allies would remove the Japanese fighter threat to the cargo aircraft flying the Hump. They could then built intermediate airfields along a lower, safer route to China, reducing fuel requirements and increasing payloads. Myitkyina was also on the proposed route of fuel pipelines and the Ledo Road through the Mogaung valley to the Burma Road and China. Recapturing northern Burma would allow their construction and end of Japanese blockade of China….”

Enginers by Glider to Myitkyina, Company A, 879th Engineers- 17. May 1944
By Mark P. Zaitsoff MAJ, EN – USAR (RET)

Myit Sone (Myit-son, Myitson) approx. 45 km away from Myitkyina (1-1 ½ hours drive), the origin of the Ayeyarwaddy River. It originates from the confluence of Malihka and Mehka rivers. Mehka (N’Mai Kha) is a quiet river, while Malihka (Mali Kha) is a wild, foamy river and also in different colour.

Indawgyi Lake stretching 24 km from north to south and 12 km from east to west, it is the largest lake in Myanmar. There are about 30 villages dotted around the lake area, whose population mostly consists Shan and Shan-Bamar descent. The Indawgyi Region is a place of natural beauty, surrounded by mountain ranges in the east, west and south. Accommodation can be arranged only in basic Guesthouses.

Festival: Shwe Myitzu Pagoda Festival

Five-hour drive from Myitkyina to Indawgyi Lake (the largest lake in Myanmar) is where the famous Shwe Myitzu Pagoda located. The most amazing fact is that just before the festival begins, the two sandbanks are washed up by the waves making a path for people to walk from the bank to the pagoda and disappear shortly after the festival!!!

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Putao, during british days it was known as Fort Hertz. Tours in and around Putao are still a big adventure. 

Tours must be pre-arranged to organize the cars, accommodation, porters and food for the trekking tours and a travel permit is needed.
Putao (402 m above sea-level) has a lot to offer for Hikers, natural enthusiasts and adventure Travellers. Many different tribal villages can be visited, trekking trips from few hours until several days can be arranged.

The most adventurous tour is going to Mt. Khakabo Razi (5881 m), the highest point of South-east Asia in the Myanmar Himalayas. But this tour is only recommended to professional hikers. The tour will take about 40 days, as there are no streets going to the base camp of Khakabo Razi and you have to trek all the way to the foot of this mountain. Another easier option is to trek around Mt.Pongkan Razi (4,655 m) located at the Indian Border.

Unfortunately GMT does not organize tours to Mt. Khakabo Razi and to Mt Pongkan Razi.

"This beautiful lodge is the perfect introduction and final farewell to Northern Kachin State. Perched high above the Nam Lang River with glorious views of mountains and rice terraces, Malikha Lodge has been designed by world famous architect Jean Michel Gathy of Aman Resorts fame to create a feeling of luxury and seclusion in this wilderness setting…. “

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Bhamo (Bhamaw) is a small city located at the Ayeyarwaddy River in Kachin State. Accommodation can be arranged at Friendship Hotel, the only international standard Hotel in Bhamo. There used to be a nice speedboat from Myitkyina to Bhamo, but unfortunately they stopped to opereate. At the Moment you can reach Bhamo via Boat from Mandalay or by Car from Myitkyina, by plane and by car along the famous “Burma Road”! Or you take a Myanma Airways flight to Bhamo.

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Hopin: is a small town in Kachin State. Hopin itself has not much to offer, but if visitors arrive by train from Mandalay or Myitkyina with delay, there is a chance to sleep in a very basic guesthouse, before they continue their journey to Indawgyi Lake.

Mogaung: a famous jade centre in Kachin State. Mogaung is located on the main road from Mandalay to Myitkyina and also got a trainstation. From Mogaung you can go by car to Kamaing and Hpa Kan and to the Hukawng Valley. Visit of WWII sites in Kamaing and around Mogaung can be arranged.

Ledo Road, also known as STILWELL ROAD from Myitkyina to SHINBWINYANG (Shinbiyang, Shing Bwe Yang). During WWII the famous GLIDER MISSION started from Shinbwinyang airfield to reach Myitkyina for army supplies. The Ledo Road is going through the Patkai Ranges to Ledo in India. The Patkai Ranges (Pat Kai Bum) rises up over 2600 m and is covered by wild jungle. Vor visits in this area you need to have a travel permit and tours must be arranged in advance.

Tanai (Tanei, Tanaing) formerly known as Walawbum and surrounding area was a major battle field during WWII. Visit to the Allies cemetery in Tanei can be arranged. Alon the Ledo road and in Tanai only very basic guesthouses are available. Only pre-arranged tours are allowed, visitors need a travel permit.

Hpa Kan (Hpakant, Hpakan) is a famous jade trading city in Kachin State. The city got some good Hotels and many Chinese gemstone and jade traders are staying here. If visitors want to go by car from Myitkyina to Hkamti, you need to pass Hpa Kan. At the moment tourists are not allowed to stop and stay overnight in Hpa Kan.

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