Bago Division




Bago is renowned for the 55 m long reclining Buddha image, The Shwethalyaung image, the beautiful golden Shwemawdaw Pagoda and many more religious monuments such as an old ordination hall built by King Dhammazedi. It has an interesting lively market and just 10 minutes out of town, one can see authentic rural life including water buffalos yoked in form of a plough working in the paddy fields. Bago can be reached easily by road, the 80 km from Yangon take about 2 hours. It is situated on the road to the Golden Rock Pagoda and to Mawlamyine. Bago remains a quiet and easy-going town still with a more bicycles than cars; it is however constantly expanding.

Shwemawdaw Pagoda

"Shwemadaw"...was once, in point of sanctity, superior to all other temples in Ava, and the natives declared it to be more than 2,000 years old. It was formerly gilded as highly as the Shwedagon pagoda, to which, in point and elegance of structure, it is superior." (Capt. F.B. Doveton, 1852),

Shwethalyaung Pagoda

The 55 meter long reclining SHWETHALYAUNG Buddha image is among the country's most revered.



Enjoy a splendid day excursion traveling on the local train with its steam-powered locomotive. Your train excursion will take you round-trip from Bago to Nyaung Kharshay, where you have time to wander to the local market. A privately chartered 1st class carriage is a delightful escapade as you travel through rice paddies, stopping at several villages only accessible by train - the only place of its kind in the world.

Pyay (Prome)


A small town on a bend in the Arrawaddy river. Pyay is very close to what was the seat of the Pyu Kingdom called Thayekhittya from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. In the surrounding areas there are the ruins of this ancient capital, the Thayekhittya Site, dating back to the 5th century feature quiet different architectural style than other periods and representing one of the most interesting historical and archaeological in Myanmar. Pyay lies 290 km northwest of Yangon and is comfortably accessible by car on a smooth road in 5-6 hours.

A kauk Hill


From Pyay, by local ferry to A Kauk Hill (A kauk Taung) to Buddha images, curved of rocks. Over looking the Ayeyarwaddy river.


Shwesandaw Pagoda


Standing on the platform of this Golden Hair Relic Pagoda, you will hardly overlook the whole city.




Hset That Gyi Pagoda

An enourmous seated Buddha image, rising over 66 meters above the city - it gives Pyay the look of "ANCIENT BEAUTY".


Is a paradise for archeologists. In the compound of the largest and best preserved Pyu settlement you will find the stupas of BAW BAW GYI, BE BE GYI, PAYA GYI and PAYA MAR, among Myanmar's oldest ones.

Shwe Myat Hman (Buddha with golden spectacles)


So many people asked us whether GMT did a photo montage - No, we did not! This image was built by the most powerful Pyu King, Duttabaung, in the 5th century AD. Soon after the construction he lost his '3rd eye'. He was advised to donate a pair of spectacles to the image - thus he regained the divine-gifted eye sight. Maybe spectacles were invented in the 5th century AD and not in the 14th century AD?